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The Xigera Mokoro and Walking Trail
2 Nights / 3 Days

For travellers seeking new adventures, there is no better way to experience the Okavango than to camp out on its remote islands. These safaris will operate every three days from the early May to the end of October to fit in with the rise and fall of the annual flood.

Xigera is set right in the heart of the Okavango Delta and the Xigera Mokoro and Walking Trail starts soon after you land at the airstrip (arrivals should be no later than 12h00) and meet up with your senior guide and BaYei polers. After a short drive to the starting point and a safety talk, we climb into the mokoro's and set off into the wilderness. Some of the mokoro's carry the camping equipment, drinks and food while others carry the guests and their personal luggage so the group is totally self contained and can operate at it's own pace and needs.

We stop for a picnic lunch on the first day and find an island on which to make camp by mid afternoon. The paddlers set up the camp and all meals are cooked on the campfire. There are bucket showers and a "long drop" toilet. The tents are specially designed with the top made out of netting so one does not lose the feeling of sleeping out under the stars but are still safe and secure tucked up for the night in comfortable bedrolls with duvets and pillows.

After an early breakfast and walk while the paddlers break camp and load the mokoro's we set off for another island, enjoying the Delta and its wildlife whilst relaxing in the dugouts. Stops along the way to walk and explore for any reason are the norm and the rhythm and pace depend on what is happening at that moment. On the last morning we pack up our personal luggage and head back to the airstrip (arriving around 13h00) for the flight transfer out.