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"We'd know of Garth for years before meeting him. Everyone said we'd be kindred souls. Later, on a trip down the Zambezi he proved them right. Garth is most certainly the best all round guide we've been out with, and we've been from coast to coast, north to south, east to west with our work for National Geographic, in Africa. But it is more than guiding really isn't it? You want to be with someone who knows all that stuff of course, but a rare few also continue their own journey of understanding, like men on a quest to unravel nature's secrets, and yet understanding intuitively which ones she wants left alone...that is what is so enriching to be around, such a privilege to be party to. That is why traveling with Garth is better, a pleasure we hope to repeat again and again in wonderful exotic places.”

Dereck and Beverly Joubert, National Geographic photographer and film maker, Botswana

And that's no bullshit...

We can think of no greater gift to give your children than an African safari with Garth Thompson. To take them completely out of their element and into the presence of a man whose deep love for Africa is evident in everything he does is an unforgettable, life-changing experience. Our family recently had the pleasure and privilege to be guided by Garth in a Wilderness Safari in Botswana, and, while our kids were captivated by the bush from the start, Garth's contagious enthusiasm and passion for the natural world kept them totally engaged throughout the trip, inspiring and deepening a love and respect of nature they will have for the rest of their lives. One goes to most places in the world to see what man has created; one goes to Africa to see what God has created. Garth has the unique ability to identify and articulate that most powerful emotion that makes the African bush the wondrous place it is. And because his grasp of human nature is as keen as his knowledge of the bush, he is able to convey that emotion to everyone around him. Someone once said that the best way to live in this world is to be “present and in awe,” and with Garth as our guide, we felt that way every moment we were in Africa. We cannot wait to return. We are eternally grateful to Garth for making our family adventure very special, and we highly recommend him to anyone who dreams of Africa.
Steve and Jeanne Maritz
Maritz Travel USA.

Garth Thompson provided the most delightful introduction to Africa for our entire family. By traveling with Garth we saw and learned so much more than we ever imagined possible. His thorough knowledge coupled with his infectious enthusiasm combined to create a most extraordinary experience. He has the ability to use every waking minute of the day and yet still had the energy and wit at night to entertain everyone with real “bush tales” around the campfire. Perhaps one of his greatest gifts is his ability to insure that everyone, aged 7 upward, was actively involved in whatever subject we were viewing in a way that was appropriate for all. The way he took an individual interest and engaged each of our children made their trip so much more memorable. When looking back and talking about our trip, it is usually Garth that we end up talk about more than the wildlife! He is a real African treasure and joy to travel with and we are already planning our next adventure with him!
Sarah and Baker Gentry
Fort Worth Texas

In July 2005, our family was extremely fortunate to have Garth guide us for five days. The experience included an exciting canoe trip down the Zambezi River, where in addition to paddling the canoes past many a hippo, we would go walking in the bush, never sure of what we would find. With Garth’s help, the children would decipher the animals’ tracks and off we’d go. On our walks we could see eight different species of animal at once. Seeing a wild dog chasing an impala, lions mating, elephants eating foliage mere feet away, and lionesses feeding on a freshly-killed warthog were just some of our up close and personal experiences. Being able to walk in the bush was very special. Our 13 year old son described it in this way: “you feel the animals’ power so much more, and have more respect for them, when you are walking among them.”
The trip was interesting and educational, as there was something to be learned from every track, skull and carcass. Garth has an amazing ability to engage young and old alike as he shares with you the country he loves so much.

The Holland Family (Terry, Linda, Avery (15), Tyler (13) and Kennedy (11)), Vancouver, Canada.

At 58 I had one of the peak experiences of my life, my first African Safari, courtesy of Wilderness Safaris. Our party spanned three generations from age 18 to 75. We were all overwhelmed by the experience. I suspect the experience has landed me on a trail to ‘safari junkie.’ The accommodations were perfect ‘not over the top’ but brilliant and comfortable. “Our guide Garth Thompson made our trip as only great guides can. He turned our safari into one of the great learning events of my life. I can honestly say that I will never be the same as a result of this experience and my mother in law (my number one client) calls it the ‘best experience of her life”
Tom Peters. Inspirational Speaker and Author, West Tinmouth, USA

I have never really expressed fully just how wonderful our "one of a kind" safari experience was. I do not want to say "once in a lifetime" because we plan to do many, many more safaris in our lifetimes...and with Wilderness of course!

I thank you and everyone at Wilderness Safaris for making this all possible and for making it as big as a success as this was. The single most important factor in making our safari so perfect is Garth Thompson. I cannot even begin to thank you enough for recommending him. To say that Garth Thompson is the finest guide in Africa, although absolutely true, is a mere understatement of fact and emotion. To travel on safari with Garth is to share and breathe his passion and love for all of is seeing Africa through his eyes and his heart and knowing that your eyes and hearts are forever changed for the better by experiencing Africa as few others get the chance to. We have taken home with us a permanent and undeniable love for Africa. We feel the desire and the passion to return again and again and to see and experience as much as possible with Garth. best of all, we have made a friend for life. We only hope to have the opportunity to return the hospitality and the care he has shown for our entire family. We miss Garth… we miss Africa… we will be back.....
Very best,

Ira Statfeld, Michael Recanti, East Hampton, USA

Garth Thompson - his infectious enthusiasm, his vibrant energy, his profound knowledge and understanding of Nature, combined with his exceptional communication skills and sense of humour, transforms an ordinary safari into a life changing experience. I can honestly say that Garth's canoe safaris were the single most important external influence in my family's lives- converting us from ordinary people to devoted nature lovers. We are eternally grateful...
Lizet Joubert, Louis Trickard, RSA

I have been fortunate to make three separate journeys to Southern Africa. All were arranged by Garth Thompson and team. Two of these fabulous trips included Garth as our guide. For those of us that enjoy travel, we are all too familiar with guides that "show us around". Garth Thompson is a true naturalist that enables all traveling with him to see what is around us and really feel what is happening. There is no greater privilege than traveling with Garth - a person that loves nature, his country, and the opportunity to share it with those of usthat make the decision to venture to the other side of the world. Southern Africa offers such raw beauty in nature. It also offer the finest in accommodations of which I have never seen. A safari with Garth is surely a true experience of nature, and spectacular memories that last a lifetime.
Cynthia Rogan, New York, USA

On more than 120 Safaris throughout Africa over the past three decades, I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with a wide variety of Safari professionals -- Drivers, Rangers, Naturalists and Guides. Garth Thompson represents the best qualities of all of these individuals rolled into one. His passion for all that is Africa is unbounded, and his knowledge of the bush is unparalleled. There is never a dull moment with Garth even under extenuating circumstances. His joy for living is expressed in his sense of humour and genuine concern for everyone. I trust my clients' lives with him, and I personally would follow him to the ends of the earth. What more do you want in a Guide?
Gary Clarke, Cowabunga Safaris, Topeka, Kansas, USA

Having had the opportunity to walk in some of the best Game Reserves in Africa with some of the best guides, the one that stands out as a Master Guide is Garth Thompson. I have canoed and walked with Garth and his knowledge of the bush, animals, birds, and local flora is unsurpassed. But what sets him apart is his communication skills in imparting this knowledge. Combined with his natural enthusiasm and gift for entertaining clients, I can say that traveling with Garth is the most memorable experience I have had over the last 30 trips to Africa. I would recommend Garth to anyone who wants to experience the real Africa.
Richard Ruskin, Managing Director, African Travel Specialists, Melbourne, Australia

We are the chair couple of the African Family Safari experience 2004 and we have worked on two prior Experience committees. This is an annual event organized for Young President’s Organisation (YPO) attracting 300 –600 international visitors annually. YPO is a very exclusive organization whose membership comprises chief executives of very large and international companies. As such, when we organize an event for our members, we require the very best resources available and we demand from them the highest levels of excellence, knowledge, expertise and commitment. Garth Thompson’s name is consistently at the top of a very impressive list of resources, year on year. The reason for this we feel is twofold. He has a very professional easygoing rapport with our YPO family members. He is consistently sought after, by adults and children alike and gives unstintingly of his time and knowledge, often at the expense of his own personal needs. Secondly our visitors give an evaluation at the end of each Experience. Garth’s name is always mentioned in a favourable light due to the diversity and depth of his knowledge and his pleasing personality. His hands on knowledge and enthusiasm on game drives, not to mention his photographic expertise, together with his ability to give a professional interesting and informative formal lectures, make him a highly sought after all round resource.
Allan and Myra Salkinder, Johannesburg, RSA

Garth is the spirit of Africa! He is truly one of a kind (and that's probably a good thing)! His love of wildlife, plants, trees and all that surrounds him flows through every part of him. He is eager to share his knowledge of the bush and encourages all, young and old to be a part of it. Garth pays attention to every detail, from ensuring everyone is tucked safely in their canoes to eloquently bringing to your attention the beautiful smell of the mahogany tree. He is a master of wit but never forgets the importance of safety at all times. I know my guests are completely safe in his hands which is the most important part of African travel. I will always remember my first introduction to Africa - a very large bull elephant only feet from my cot at midnight in Mana Pools - Garth close by - and even though this man has these experiences often, he continues to marvel at the moment with respect and wonder. I thank him for instilling this love for Africa in not only myself but each of the my guests - we will all indeed, return for more.
Carol Petersen Nature Encounters Tours & Travel Ltd. Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada

It has been my privilege to have been guided by Garth Thompson on a number of Safaris in Southern Africa. Garth is a remarkable guide. He not only has an enormous knowledge of flora and fauna, but importantly, is able to communicate the fascination of this to his clients. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious, and one finds oneself transported into the wilds with all it secrets. Perhaps his biggest attribute however is his concern for his clients. Their safety, comfort and enjoyment of the safari is most important to him and he will go out of his way to include all members of the group with an equal amount of attention. With his experience of over 25 years of guiding, one is assured that your safari is an enriching experience. Perhaps the best testimonial to his guiding ability is the fact that he is the author of the book The Guide's Guide to Guiding . This is a recommended standard text book for all learner guides. A mere glance at this book reflects his character as one of enthusiasm , fun and enormous knowledge. One word of warning however anyone who has the privilege to be guided by this man will never want to be guided by anyone else!
Dr 'HAGGIS' BLACK, Adelaide, South Africa.

"A safari with Garth is without doubt one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences you will ever have. He radiates contagious energy, filling his guests with excited anticipation from the moment that they meet, creating everlasting memories and a strong desire to return to experience the enjoyment again and again."
Susie Cazenove, London, UK.

My family and I have been having safaris with Garth on and off for the last 20 years and I can safely say that none of them has been anything but the greatest joy and a wonderful experience. Even going back to the same places year in year out with Garth he brings out new things to see and learn every time. Despite the occasional close encounters with wildlife, and we have had a few, particularly on the water, the presence of Garth gives one immense confidence. The combination of Garth's tremendous knowledge and ability in the bush, and his quite unique approach to life make him one of those unusual people who everybody with whom he comes into contact immediately feels he is their friend. Recently he has been able to use this ability to great effect in fund raising for the many poverty stricken pensioners in this country. He is a very special person and I have to say bush trips without him are inevitably a disappointment!
Chris Parvin, Harare, Zimbabwe.

My canoe trip down the Zambezi River was as experience like no other and one that I will always treasure. It showed me a side of Africa I didn’t know. I enjoyed the sensation of being part of the environment of the river instead of someone on the outside looking in. I loved the river, the beautiful trees, the distant purple haze of the mountains, and the non-stop sounds of the animals, birds and vegetation. My short solitary walks, with the guide, on the forest floor were a special part of each day. I learned about native plants and their uses, how long it took dung beetles to turn it into viable soil and how the trunks of trees made living picture frames for the animals. I came away with a greater understanding of the wisdom and intelligence of elephants after a very close encounter that I would not have guessed was possible. I saw that when we respected the elephants’ space they respected ours. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets gave an unbelievable start and finish to each day on the river. This very special trip was possible because a good tour leader and friend, and the best guide in Africa, Garth Thompson, who agreed to canoe a woman of 85 down the Zambezi River. Garth’s knowledge of every living thing on and along the river was the icing on the cake.
Sue Blakey, Vancouver, Canada.


Without doubt, some of the most memorable, happy and exciting experiences of mine, along with those of my children, son's in law, grandchildren and numerous overseas relations and friends have been with Garth Thompson. With his particular emphasis on the wildlife, fauna and flora, rivers and mountains, one cannot but help being infected with his great love and enthusiasm of Africa. One is very quickly transported away from the pressures and upsets of daily life. He has the great attribute of being able to reduce his pace to accommodate all members of the party. Invariably however, guests are fired by his positiveness consequently exceeding their normal physical achievements. Garth has an outstanding aptitude when dealing with people irrespective of age. His timeless energy and charisma always results in him producing something extra special on each of his guided trips. In addition to his attention to detail and safety, his diverse knowledge of all that surrounds canoeing & walking in varied terrains, his outstanding organizational skills, his compassion and understanding of human frailties all contribute to this "Experience of a Lifetime" By reading Garth's publication "The Guides Guide to Guiding" one can more readily appreciate his vast knowledge and abilities. Arising from many trips with Garth over many years along the Zambezi River, walking through the African bush and on the climb he organized to Kilimanjaro, it is not difficult to understand why he has become "The Legend" he is today in Africa.
Gordon Robb, Harare, Zimbabwe.

“I first met Garth 20 years ago on the Zambezi and I was so impressed with his tremendous knowledge of the local environs and his level headed approach of putting you in the middle of the action............maximizing each moment without all the hype! Two decades later and he is still at it.............that is a lot of experience.........and this year we are headed back with our whole family and friends for more.”
Jim Allen, Vancouver, Canada.

Garth Thompson is an experienced safari guide of extraordinary dimension. He is a naturalist, photographer, and teacher with a serious commitment to guiding. His published book, Garth's Guide to Guiding, describes his sense of mission on every page. I have taken three mobile, tented safaris with him, canoeing and walking along the great Zambezi River. Garth manages efficient camps with safety a priority. The magic is in his unflagging enthusiasm for wildlife, for the beauty of the landscape and for his vast knowledge of all the flora and fauna. And for all that he is fun too and quite possibly a legend in his time. I can't wait to return to Zimbabwe and the River.
Juliet C. Folger, Washington DC, USA.

Over the past 25 years, I have the privilege of working in some of the most remote and beautiful parts of Africa, with many different great guides. I have seen how these guides work in the field, how they behave with their guests and with the environment and its wildlife. I have seen how these guides react when they are having tough days and in their great days. Each guide has their own different quirks and specialties, with their own different ways of dealing with people and different situations. Right on top of the list the very best guides I have worked with are three fellows who consistently deliver incredible experiences - Garth Thompson, Lex Hes and David Rattray. These folks have a passion for their profession and the people they host - and love doing what they do. Each has an ability to teach people about Africa while having extraordinary amounts of fun. One of the best gauges for me when rating guides is by monitoring the guest feedback on safaris they have led - and by also learning what they do in their spare time. The spare time activity truly shows if this love they portray of Africa, of the wilderness and its wildlife, is genuine. Garth spends just about all of his spare time traveling throughout Africa....... its his passion and his life and when one goes out on safari with Garth one immediately senses that this love of Africa is genuine. He has been just about everywhere on this continent and knows its moods and ways extremely well. Traveling with Garth is very special experience. I have had the pleasure of having Garth guide some of my own personal safaris with some of my best friends. He has guided some of our most influential guests. Never once has he let us down. Each safari comes back with rave reviews about the man. If you are looking for the very best in Africa, make sure that Garth is your guide. But beware, guides can only lead a finite number of safaris each year, so book early.
Colin Bell, Wilderness Safaris, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have known Garth Thompson for 15 years and he is without doubt, one of Africa's leading safari guides. Zimbabwe guides are the best in Africa due to their rigorous guides training programme and his knowledge is almost unparalled. He is fantastically informative, very energetic, makes the safaris great fun and takes the whole safety issue very seriously. I would have absolutely no hesitation in sending my five year old daughter with him into the bush. One would be lucky to secure Garth's time and he would without doubt make any safari.
Henrietta Loyd, Cazenove and Loyd Safaris, London, UK.

For our family, there was the magic of Africa and then there was Africa with Garth Thompson. We would not have known the difference if Garth not been part of our experience, but we will never go back without his insight and depth of knowledge to create an experience that only a few humans on the planet will experience. Garth moved our experience from single dimension TV magic to a 3D experience enabling us to be actors in the set. We believe we were able to do it right the first time.
Bill, Kim and Corey Pederson, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I have taken many friends and business associates over the past two decades on safari and all have marveled about the magnificent Zambezi Valley. The highlight of all the trips was Garth Thompson: the fact that we had to our mind the greatest African wildlife expert with us, sharing knowledge and years of experience made those trips come alive; without Garth we would have had Africa in the raw: with Garth we were able to understand the bush, see a huge array of wild animals in their natural habitat and at close range - albeit a safe distance - and learn a great deal about them and their habits. Garth's deep knowledge and understanding of wildlife - ranging from the "Big Five" to the smallest of creatures, to learn the tracks of a wide variety of animals: One is struck with Garth's obvious love of the bush, and the natural excitement that he gains from his many trips, showing his beloved Africa to visitors.
John Moore, Johannesburg, RSA.

Having traveled in Africa with Garth Thompson on a number of occasions, I cannot imagine a better guide or traveling companion. His knowledge of the African bush, its birds, plants and animals, is astounding, and yet always imparted in such an understated way as not to leave the novice visitor feeling completely inadequate! Garth's quirky sense of humour makes every safari an experience, and his endless supply of camp fire stories from a lifetime of adventures, keep everyone entertained late into the night.
Steve and Sara Cameron, African Wildlife Safaris & Natural Focus Safaris, South Melbourne, Australia.

I have been involved in eco-tourism for a long time and am thus in the fortunate position to travel throughout Africa. Last year Garth Thompson hosted myself and 7 friends on a canoe safari down the Zambezi River. It was one of the highlights of my life. Admittedly, the spectacular scenery and sightings contributed greatly to this, however, it is Garth with his tremendous personality and incredible knowledge that burns brightly in my memory. As a result Garth has been brought in to train guides for our Singita Group and always is in great demand to host as a specialist guide.

Luke Bailes, Singita Lodges, South Africa

We first met Garth Thompson approximately ten years ago, on our very first African adventure. From the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Garth led us on a most thrilling canoe safari, drifting by herds of elephant, impala, hippos and the odd crocodile, not to mention countless species of birds and interesting flora. After such an amazing experience, we have chosen to return to Africa almost annually since then, and have had the pleasure of Garth's expert guiding and wealth of knowledge of all things African, for many of these trips. Garth's many years of experience, as well as his quiet confidence, gives us a level of comfort and safety that we have come to know and rely on, for our adventures in the African bush. For us, travelling with Garth as our guide is synonymous with the perfect African adventure.
Kim Kawaguchi and Bob Disbrow, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Life is highlighted by certain precious, unforgettable memories and inspirational experiences. Without a doubt, our most treasured holiday memories as a family, have been from our time spent with Garth Thompson "in the bush" in Zimbabwe. After one day we felt as though time had stopped and that life was restored to a deep state of reality and core values. The bush trips with Garth allowed us luxurious "camping", canoeing down the Zambezi River with spectacular sunrises, sunsets, picnic lunches and swimming in the great river - interspersed with unforgettable walks as we followed and observed the full range of African wildlife and learnt from "Africa`s Best" guide and wildlife expertThese memories will remain with us forever. Our interest and love of the wild has come from listening to Garth's vast depth of knowledge around all things related to the wild and the bush. His enthusiasm and ability to impart his knowledge has opened a new world of interest and love for nature. Should you be looking for a never-to-be-forgotten holiday - this will be for you!
Chris and Jean Thompson, Cape Town, South Africa.

Ever since I was a small child, I always had a dream of going to Africa, but had never actually planned a trip. I had no expectations of what being on safari would be like but I can now honestly say, it was the best trip of my life! I was on a canoeing & walking safari in Zimbabwe, it was awesome, in the true sense of the word! We were lucky enough to have Garth Thompson as our private guide... What a treat! Garth was an extremely knowledgeable and gracious host to all of the joys of Africa -- the flora, fauna and the incredible wildlife. He made our trip a true pleasure, he was always aware, anticipating and inquiring about our desires, observing and continuously teaching us a great deal about all surrounded us. I felt quite safe with him in control. I had no idea that being on safari would be so educational and inspiring. I loved every moment of the trip and I know that is would not have been the same without Garth's keen eye and skills, he is truly a master.
Diana Sutter, San Francisco, USA

My wife and I recently completed a safari with 6 other guests on the Mana Pools Canoe Trail. Having experienced some wonderful safaris in many other parts of Africa, including; Tanzania Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, we set off with high expectations. The expectation level would have been raised some-what due to the fact that we operate our own Safari Company in South Africa. Nothing could have prepared us for the atmosphere, beauty and abundance of wildlife that we encountered on the trail.. During this time we found safe passage through large numbers of hippo, crocodile and elephant, whilst viewing a variety of wildlife on the banks of the river. In-between our gentle paddling, Garth guided us through some of the most beautiful habitat imaginable. We discussed animal behavior, people behavior, natural history and enjoyed many tales and laughter. Garth has many gifts and his ability to freely impart his wealth of knowledge and stories of the history and wildlife of this and many other wildlife areas made this one of the most wonderful experiences ever. We found ourselves completely absorbed from the moment we met Garth until we bid each other farewell at Chikwenya. Garth Thompson turned this safari into a “life-altering” experience for us - the best safari ever.
Peter Anderson, Anderson Game Lodges, South Africa

Some years ago my wife and I began to seek more adventure in our travelling experiences as a way to visit and learn more about this incredible planet. Since then we have travelled to a variety of unusual places but have always returned to Africa for our most amazing travel experiences. Throughout these travels, the best guide we have ever experienced anywhere in the world has been Garth Thompson of Zimbabwe. We have travelled with him on three separate occasions over the years and each time the experience has been better and better. He is a guide’s guide!!! Garth has guiding and personal skills that we have found in no other guide during our travels ……. not in Central America ……. not in South America ……. not in Europe ……. and not even in other parts of Africa. Garth infected my wife and I with his enthusiasm for everything wild and untamed. He has the ability to give each guest young or old a truly adventuresome experience each day of the trip. He is skilled in human nature knowing that safety is of paramount importance to his guests but never overburdening his chargers with details. We felt complete safety and total involvement in our environment with him every step of the way. Garth presents a picture of a man who has purpose to his life. That purpose is to educate his clients and give them an experience that they will not soon forget. He is the first up each morning—neatly presented and sprung loaded in the “ON” position. He is that way until sundown; Should you be so lucky to travel with this man—savour every minute, as his type is rare indeed!!!! In our eyes, he is not only the best guide, but he is a true friend to the environment and of all things wild. Indeed, it has been our pleasure to have experienced the natural world and to have walked the wilds of Africa with Garth Thompson.
Norm Altenhof, Calgary, Canada

‘’Garth Thompson is a unique and inspirational safari guide – an absolute tour force and a real life enhancer!! Garth makes all parts of nature truly fascinating, so that one is left in awe of one’s surroundings - whether studying a termite mound or gazing on a magnificent herd of elephants. At all times my wife and I have felt totally safe, whether walking in the bush at Mana Pools or on the Zambezi navigating hippo channels. Garth’s presence always makes the adventures fun and one always wishes that the safaris will never end.”
Edward and Susie Strange, Lincoln, UK

My family and I have been extremely fortunate over the past 25 years of being guided by Garth. We have enjoyed every minute of our friendship. I say friendship advisedly because that is what Garth offers even when within a few yards of buffalo, elephants or lion. He provides one with confidence yet, as befits an experienced guide, takes no chances. A lovely sense of humour exaggerates the moments. Garth is equally at home with the insects and the flora of the African bush. His knowledge of Africa’s animals and birds is unsurpassed. The guide on safaris can make or break the safari. Garth has always, on every occasion I have been with him, made the experience a most memorable one. Whoever you are, wherever you are, he will make you feel like a special guest.
Tony Robertson, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Genuine, charismatic and world-class personalities - motivationally woven into the fabric of our programmes - are central to our notable success as southern Africa's premier Destination Management Company specialising in the demanding and creative world of international group incentive travel. High among this rare breed is Garth Thompson, whose expert bush craft and spellbinding presentations offer our hard-to-impress clients a dramatic and unique dimension. The quest to learn more about the natural world is a powerful force in our client objectives today and in this regard Garth Thompson has no peers in Africa.
Glen Byrom, Managing Director, Green Route.

Having been on a number of safaris (with and without Garth Thompson) we now appreciate the crucial role your guide plays in the enjoyment of your trip. Garth immediately instills total confidence, allowing you to completely relax, soak up the atmosphere and fully enjoy the experience. His encyclopedic knowledge and appreciation of all aspects of the history, flora, fauna and environment and his skill in communicating this makes for a fascinating and truly memorable holiday.
Mark and Caroline Arundell, London, UK.

We have participated in at least four canoeing and walking safaris in the Zambezi Valley led by Garth Thompson. During the days’ activities we have had the unique opportunity not only of viewing game, from our canoes, at close quarters under Garth’s watchful eye but also enjoying the privilege of walking, tracking and studying a wide species of animals and birdlife in this incredible National Park.We have always been particularly impressed with his professional approach to guiding and his encyclopedic knowledge of the bush. When in his company we have always enjoyed his energy, enthusiasm and humour together with his ability to explain in minute detail events portrayed along bush trails which to the untutored eye would have been lost. A rich experience in every way.
Christopher and Alison Notley, Villiersdorp, South Africa.

I guess I could say I have grown up in the safari business with Garth Thompson. We met over 20 years ago, on my first trip to Africa. He was a fully licensed guide then, being young, keen and full of passion for his wilderness ‘office’, as he called it. Garth’s enthusiasm was (and still is) infectious, and he set the hook in me that has led to my 25th trip to “The Dark Continent” last year, and many more already in the planning. His introduction led me down a path of African wilderness exploration that has enriched my life beyond measure, and set the stage for the development of the Calgary Zoo “ZooFari” travel program which I started as a result in 1983. Personally I have now led safaris into a dozen African countries. In total, my wife and I have spent just over three years in the African bush, travelling to some of the best wildlife regions on the continent. With all this experience, however, we have yet to find a guide who even comes close to the innate abilities of Garth Thompson. And believe me, we have utilized the services of literally dozens of what Africa considers as the ‘top guides’. Garth is simply the best. Period.

Having utilized Garth Thompson’s guiding services for over a dozen of my safaris, I have personally confirmed and reconfirmed that he has all the attributes one desires in a guide: he is safe; well versed in a variety of outdoor skills; quick-thinking even in the most stressful of situations; possesses a wonderful sense of humour; is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of nature; seizes opportunities when there is the potential of yielding a better experience; and is a superb camp-fire story teller. He has the ability to keep everyone in the party keen, interested, and in touch with their surroundings, providing the perfect framework for a “safari experience of a lifetime”.

Garth possesses a deep ecological understanding gained from over two decades of guiding and personal observations in the field. His inquisitive mind and resulting depth of understanding of nature, coupled with a well-rounded worldly view gained from so many years of additional international travel, gives him a rare ability to tell the story in a way that captures both young and old. He is the ultimate teacher: informing creatively through interpretive story telling.
Brian Keating, Head of Conservation Outreach, Calgary Zoological Society, Canada