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Horse Safaris: Kenya
Offbeat Safaris, Masailand and Laikipia Conservancy – Kenya

Tristan and Lucinda Voorspuy own and operate Offbeat Safaris. Tristan has been involved in horse safaris in Kenya for the past 21 years, before that he was an officer in the Household Cavalry regfiment for six years. Both Tristan and Cindy play polo for the Kenyan team. Tristan’s talents are not only in horsemanship, he is an excellent naturalist and has a deep rooted love for wild places.

Their home and stables are in the central Kenyan highlands, north of Lake Nakuru, Deloraine is Kenya’s largest mansion built by Lord Francis Scott in 1920. All their safaris begin or end in this colossal old home with ten acres of manicured gardens and a 5000 acre surrounding farm on which to ride.

The safaris operate into two quite different areas; Masailand – click here to see the Mara itinerary adjacent to the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve and the Laikipia Conservancy north of Mt. Kenya. The rides in both these areas are for an average of 8 nights plus 2 nights at the beginning or end at Deloraine. There are longer safaris on offer and tailor made rides can easily be arranged.

When riding in Masailand a fully tented safari camp is normally moved every second day by lorry while the riders enjoy the ever changing habitats and the big sky country between camps. During these rides thousands of animals are encountered, species include wildebeest, zebra, eland, gazelle, lion, elephant, giraffe, dik dik and many more. The other safari activities offered are game drives, walks, Masai village visits and extremely productive night drives.

Hunting from horseback

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Offbeat Safaris own a 24,000 acre ranch which makes up part of the Laikipia Conservancy. The rides here often have snowcapped Mt. Kenya in view, animals often seen are elephant, hippo, Burchell’s zebra, eland, impala, Grants gazelle, Thompson’s gazelle, warthog, hyena and many more including all the big cats. The specialties that this area offers are reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and Jackson’s hartebeest. This eight day ride moves around the various ranches that make up the conservancy where the wildlife is encouraged by the landowners to the point where it is nearly as prolific as the Mara. Click here to see the 10 day Laikipia itinerary.

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Riders about to cross the Mara River with hippo observers