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Adventure Safaris
Having guided many different people over the past 25 years I can easily say that most satisfaction that I have observed guests gain personally, have been while on an ‘Adventure Safari’.

Many of you may think, “I am too old, unfit and reserved for an Adventure Safari. These fears are only normal. However many more people these days are answering the call to the great outdoors, to re kindle the affinity that our ancestors once had for wild areas and nature.

Walkers and buffalo

We have safaried in a number of different ways, from the ultimate luxury safari lodge to a simple camp extracted from storage holds of a trustee canoe, sleeping on sandy islands as the Zambezi flows timelessly by. Spending a part of the day walking through pristine acacia and mahogany forests on highways made by elephant as you feel the rhythm of Africa
Walking with buffalo

pulsating through the sole of your shoe. I have come to the conclusion that the closer we are to nature, even though forfeiting some of our creature comforts we are at our happiest, in touch and in tune.

The finest way that I have found to enjoy wildlife and its surrounds is on foot, horseback and by canoe. No noisy engines and their accompanying fumes, you are a participant of the environment not a spectator; on equal ground, co-existing peacefully with all the various forms of wildlife that you may come in contact with.

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