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Canoe Safaris
There are 3 different types of canoe safaris: Mobile, Lodge to Lodge and Participatory.

Mobile Canoe Safaris
These safaris are normally for a duration of four days and three nights along the 80km length of the Mana Pools shoreline. This safari normally consists of four Canadian Canoes, eighteen foot in length and made of fiberglass, with a paddler in the bow and one in the stern. There is a third seat in the middle of the canoe should there be an aged person or someone that wishes to relax and enjoy the scenery without the responsibility of paddling.

walkers watching buffalo

Enjoying a walk from the canoes

These trips are normally led by a Professional Guide who is licensed to carry a rifle for protection when on walks into the animal rich river terraces. This guide is occasionally accompanied by an assistant or trainee guide.

All your baggage, tents, beds, kitchen, showers, loo etc are driven ahead each day by a back up team to ensure that when you float into camp each evening that you arrive to a fully prepared tented camp with walk in tents, beds, sheets, towels, dinning table, chairs, fully laid table, cook, waiter, iced drinks etc. Hot bucket showers and short drop loos service each night’s camp site. All camps on these safaris are set up in exclusive sites, all thoughtfully sited in scenic spots along the river bank.

table laid for dinner at campsite

The dining room table on a
Mobile Canoe Safari
Hot water is brought to you before dawn each day, followed by tea, coffee and a light breakfast around the camp fire before setting of to experience sunrise over the Zambezi. After a few hours of paddling you will stop for a walk into the river terraces to explore and enjoy the masses of wildlife, especially in the dry months of July to October. On your return to the canoes there will have a snack and iced drinks. By now a cooling wind usually picks up, you canoe for another hour or so before stopping for lunch and another walk or a doze in the deep shade of an immaculately browsed mahogany. In mid afternoon paddle off to your new camp site, the sinking sun is at your back and you float into camp sipping a cold drink.
plane and elephant And so the trip continues for three nights and four days, Taylor made canoe trips can be put together for those that wish to spend more time exploring the riches of this magnificent stretch of river. Most guests fly into the Zambezi Valley for this safari.

A good combination is a walking safari back up river through the floodplains of Mana Pools for another three days or a night or two in the comfort of Chikwenya Camp.
Access is normally by air  

Sample itinerary
>4 Day Canoe and Walking Trail Itinerary

Lodge to Lodge Canoe Safaris
These safaris operate on the Zambian side of the Zambezi and are very similar to the mobile canoe trip described above offering the same type of canoe, well presented food, drinks, ice etc. Instead of a tented camp being elephant and canoeistsdismantled and assembled each day you will paddle into a permanent safari camp each night, Accommodation is in thatch chalets, with en suite bathrooms. Meals are taken in the dinning room with other guests that may be staying in the lodge. Night drives and game drives are also on offer. Walks are not generally part of this safari. The guides that operate these safaris have been on the river for a number of years and are well versed in most aspects that this diverse area has to offer.

Sample itinerary
>3 Day Lodge to Lodge, Zambezi River, Zambia

Participatory Canoe Safaris
This safari uses the same type of canoes as above, minus the middle seat. It is guided by a Licensed River Guide who has had many hours of canoe experience but doesn’t normally have a license to take you
Loaded canoe on a self contained Canoe Safari
walking from the canoe. Everything that is needed for the entire duration of the safari is carried in the canoes. Food, beverage, small tents, tables, stools, bedding, personal baggage etc.

This is a participatory safari where guests are expected to help with the camp chores, erect and take down their individual tents, unpack and clean canoes etc. This safari tends to be more for the young and budget traveler but still gives an excellent Zambezi experience because you are camping so close to nature, nights are normally spent on islands. These safaris operate for a duration of two nights up to nine from the base of Kariba Dam Wall, down to Kanyemba the Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambian border.

Sample itinerary
> 4 Day Participatory Canoe Safari, Lower Zambezi, Zimbabwe